I scrap therefore I am!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Made quickie fruit salad again today.....no tuna this time!!!!! Anyway, came home from school today shattered as usual but feeling all warm and cheery inside because of a sweet little conversation I had with a 5 year during my Literacy and Reading lesson today....'Mrs Griddiths....(a variation of my name of which there are many!), I love you! Actuairy I rearry love you!' said A**. 'Oh thank you A** that's very nice of you to say that.' I said. 'Well, Mrs Griddiths, you're just like my mummy, she has a big bottom too!!!!' I love it!!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Help I'm a woman ,get me Mel Gibson quick!!!

Okay this week has not been one of my best! I have another pigging cold given to me by some little gremlin at school. Why do children give their germs away so freely? And why can't their parents teach them to sneeze away from your face and wipe their own noses!
Well the week started badly and just went downhill rapidly. I have hated my job this week. I just couldn't be arsed to do anything spectacular because I have felt so pooey. My head has felt like it's being crushed, my throat like it's full of razor blades and I have 0 energy. Just about every special needs child in our school has gone woppy. Must be the weather, as we have had several wet playtimes when they have been confined to classrooms. How many times can you play a game of drafts with a child who has Aspergers who insists that I centre all my drafts everytime I move them!!!!
I got hit by the football on Monday and scored a goal much to the pleasure of the opposing team as it was their goal the ball bounced off my bum and went into! But flipping heck did it sting!!!! The poor child who I was speaking to, who had also been hit by the football full force into his face, just stood their crying as I leapt around clutching my bum, while all the gremlins laughed!!!
Then on Tuesday I was told I was 'f*@!ing sad' and said with quite alot of venom too!! Another child remarked that I was not effing sad, crazy, but not sad!!!! Bless him!
I cut both my little toes this week. One of them on a staple embedded in the carpet and the other, while scrap booking, on an up turned brad! I also dropped a stamp I had made up for my daughter's friends birthday card that said 'I see you baby, shaking that ass!' I had inked it up with Staz on ink and boy does it stay on. It's now imprinted on my dining room carpet!
To top it all, tonight I made fruit salad you know the sort, open several tins of fruit and pour them into a dish serve with cream! Lazy I know but hey ho it's Friday I'm tired and bad tempered and I just couldn't handle chopping fruit, thought I might slash something! Opened a tin of pineapple rings, last thing to put in, only problem was that it wasn't a tin of pineapple I tipped in, but a tin of tuna! Doesn't go well with peaches and pears, oranges and a kiwi fruit! YUK!!!!! We had icecream instead.
Going now to put on my PJ's, open a bottle of wine and chill out!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My duck IS a swan.

I spent a very stressful two days 2 weeks ago shopping for my youngest daughter's ball dress. Her boyfriend invited her to his 6th form ball and of course we had to have a new dress! After the usual stores in Cardiff I finally gave in and reluctantly followed her into Karen Millan. Arrgh! Big Bucks Alert!!!! She had previously been on a scout and had 'spotted' something, a gorgeous little number in pink and brown , that I must admit was very pretty, but you don't seem to get a lot for your money in KM! I bowed down to pressure from my daughter, and into the dressing room she went. Well, when she came out, my face must have said everything because she went back into the dressing room in a huge huff. As I said before you don't get a lot for your money in KM!!!! My lovely daughter is a size 8 but is a very curvy size 8 and rather too much of her curvy bits were revealed in the £150 dress. Even Barbie would be jealous of her curves!! However the next day after picking her up from her dance class with Diversions we went back to KM just to look again at something different and straight away we saw 'The Dress.' That morning they had had a delivery of fabby little black dresses. Only 4 had been delivered, so into the dressing room she went. She appeared, and straight away I could see we had hit the jackpot, even the assistant went all moist eyed and scuttled off to find matching shoes and bag for her to see the completed look! However I didn't succumb to the bag and the shoes even with 10% off if I had opened an account!!! But we did buy some gorgeous toe crunchers and matching bag in Dune. She was so delighted with the dress she spun around and posed in an arabeque in the middle of the store surprising a few other shoppers int the store, just like she used to do when she was little, the assistant looked on a little bemused too at her solo in the middle of KM, but hey she's a dancer and that's what dancers do, any chance for an impromptu performance!!!
Her sister spent all afternoon getting her ready. She never played with dolls as a child but she certainly enjoyed playing with this real live Barbie! Nails applied (she bites her own), skin buffed and polished and make up beautifully applied
When she left last night, boy did she look like a princess. Her dad choked back a little tear, just like he did when her older sister went to her first ball, and as she left with her boyfriend for the journey to Cardiff in a limo, he turned to me and said 'Our little duck has grown up! When did that happen?' Bless him! Dad's don't like it when their little ducks become swans do they?
When I picked her up at 2am this morning the make-up was a little less bright and the eyes looked a little tired, but she still looked poised and beautiful. The feet were crying to get the shoes off but you would never have guessed watching her walk off the coach like a super model.
This morning she has gone off to her dancing lesson looking like her normal self again, cookey and little girl like, clad in worn out dancewear and hair pulled back. Her dad's comment this morning was 'Look at you, all ducky again, that's more like it!!!'

Monday, April 24, 2006

Wobbed again!!!

Yep, I've been under a WOM attack- Wrinkly Old Man, and he was armed with a stick! While strolling around the Cwmbran Town Centre on Saturday I popped into Poundland in the hope of finding some dominoes to alter. As I strolled around I spotted some Kinder Hippos which are yummy and a bargain at only £1!!! As I reached across and said my excuses to the WOM who was stood in right in front the Kinder Hippos, he shook his stick at me and called me a stupid little girl and to get out of his way!!!!! He then gave me a shove and hobbled off muttering about young woman and how they weren't allowed out in his day!!! I duly paid for my Hippos and walked away without finding whether or not there were any dominoes in there for me to alter!!! Then, to get over my little to do I went for a latte and a biscuit in David Evans, it's quite civilised in there, although WOBs are known to frequent there on droves. On leaving, I was going to go down the stairs but there were 3 WOBS coming up the stairs in a line, so not wanting to risk another attack, afterall there were 3 of them remember, I got into the lift. Down it went and then stopped!!! Yep it got stuck!!! The alarm went off automatically in a blaring siren sort of way and a knock came on the door of the lift. Then the voice of calm... 'Alright dear we'll get you out in a minute, someone's gone to get a key to get the lift going again we'll have you out in a jiffy!!! Stay calm and don't panic!!! Panic?! Panic?!!!! I hate lifts, and only use them when I have to, and now I was stuck in one. After about 5 minutes the lift juddered and landed safely. Doors opened and about 20 WOBS were waiting to go up to the coffee shop. One remarked that I shouldn't have been in there as I was a young woman and the coffee shop would probably be closed now and they really needed that cup of tea!!! Chuffing Nora!!! I'm not going shopping again, I've decided to go back to shopping on-line....no WOBS there I hope!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trauma in Tesco!!!!

I have been traumatised by a pair of little old ladies in Tesco!!!! I have never been so scared of 2 little old bats so much!!! While I was quietly choosing my butter supplies and trying to decide whether to buy Benecol for a change in the hope that DH will transform into an Adonis, when I was coughed at rather loudly!! Yes coughed at, and spoken to thus.... 'You! Yes you young woman.' as I looked up there in front of my trolly is first wrinkly old bat with about 20 packets of butter in her arms standing in front of my trolly , I couldn't escape. 'Sorry,' I said! Why, I don't know, but I am polite to wob's (wrinkly old bats). I then went to go around her only to find 2nd wob, who looked like Yoda, rifling through my trolly!! 2nd wob then tutted at me and hobbled off to join forces with 1st wob who then said,' Young woman are you deliberately trying to goad me or are you going to move your trolly so that we may get on with our shopping!!!' I apologised again too shocked to say anything else and went around them. 2nd wob then shook my trolly!!!! I carried on with my shopping, somewhat traumatised now, and looked for support for my DD's who were choosing CD's. I then went down the next aisle and there they were again. 1st wob then stood in front of my trolly and said 'Your doing it again aren't you? Why don't you go home and come back when there are less obstacles for you!!!???' What???? When my girls eventually turned up I told them the story at which point they nearly peed themselves and walked around Tesco's like a pair of body guards. I didn't see WOB's until we got to the till and there they were at the next till. 2nd WOB looked up and said to me So, you're here now are you? DD1 just looked at her and said 'Have a problem with my mum do you?' WOB looked away without ocomment. I left Tesco only to be rammed by another trolly driven a male WOB who told us to get out of his way!!! What is going on I ask you? I'm a bit scared to visit my mum in case she turns on me!!!! I'm going to campaign to have special WOB's shopping days when they can take up all the aisle space talking about their ailments and harrass each other and buy their Poise pads in peace!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm a blogger!!!!

I can't believe it I've just blogged! I'm a blogger. Is that sad or what? I don't think so. It now means I can write down all the scibbly stuff that goes on in my head!!! Hope I don't bore you too much!! Now let's see if this goes public!!!!